Positions Available

Position:                               Commercial Operations Manager (COM)
Employment status:           Permanent Full Time
Qualification period:           3 Months

Position objective:
To be responsible for the Commercial Operations (Property, Sponsorship and Referees) for Kilsyth Basketball. 

Organisational Context
The Commercial Operations Manager (COM) will proactively manage three (3) operational portfolios (including budget) for “Kilsyth Basketball Group” (Eastern Sports Development Ltd (ESD), the Kilsyth & Mountain District Basketball Association (K&MDBA) and the VBRA Kilsyth Branch):

1. Property
a. Repairs and Maintenance,
b. Contract reviews and negotiations,
c. Minor and Major projects, 

2. Sponsorship:
a.   Maximise opportunities for sponsorship and corporate partner revenue at all levels,

3. Referees:
a.    Act as the Director of Referees in a management capacity including Planning, Documentation, Recruitment and Retention of Kilsyth VBRA Branch Referees in partnership with our Technical Referee Advisor.

The COM role has responsibility for ensuring that “Kilsyth Basketball” facilities (current and future) are considered “Best Practice” and managed effectively. Sponsorship (Partnership and Revenue generation) will also form a critical component of the role to ensure we support basketball participation and engage the local community at all levels. And, finally the COM will ensure we are providing excellence in referee service delivery, referee presentation and staff culture in its services. The Referee component of this role will play a crucial link between Kilsyth Basketball and the VBRA Kilsyth Branch and current and potential players, facility users, staff and the broader basketball community.

Kilsyth Basketball and the member clubs of the association have regular paid and volunteer positions available.  Please check back for positions that may be of interest you.  If you would like to place an advertisement for a position in this section please send a word or pdf document to