Dear Members,

In accordance with the previous notice postponing the K&MDBA AGM, You are hereby advised the AGM has been rescheduled for Wednesday 11th November 2020 at 7:00 pm via video conferencing.

The Zoom link and other details will be communicated to you on or before the 11th November: All matters pertaining to the AGM remain as per the Original Notice.


2020 Annual General Meeting of Members

Please note that the 2020 Kilsyth & Mountain District Basketball Association Inc Victoria Annual General Meeting will be held:


On: Wednesday 11th November, 2020 at 7.00pm Via: Join via video conference online

Note: The AGM is a non-attendance in person meeting


  1. Presidents Opening and Welcome
  2. Apologies
  3. Confirmation of Minutes
    • To confirm the minutes of the 2019 Annual General Meeting.
  4. Association Report
  5. Financial Statements and Report
  6. Appoint of the Auditor for year 2020 (Clause 27viii of the Statement of Purpose)
  7. Election of “The Executive”
    • 7.1 Office Bearers (Clause 16iia of the Statement of Purpose)
      1. President;
      2. Treasurer
      3. VicePresident (Junior)
    • 6.2. Convenors (Clause 16(ii) b of the Statement of Purpose)
      1. After schools Competition
      2. Senior Competition
      3. Representative Teams
      4. Daytime Ladies Competition
      5. Junior Competition