The success of any sporting Club is measured by its longevity in a competitive environment and the number of families who call it home.  Kilsyth has a long and proud history within the Australian Basketball community and as a participant in the SEABL for the past 25 years.

Kilsyth has always been known as the “Family Club”, from its early beginnings, becoming a member of the SEBL in 1984, all our success has been as a result of the hard work and dedication of those loyal families who put in tireless hours of work for the Club. 

A quarter of a century is a long time in anyone’s eyes and for Kilsyth it has been full of success, from the 1985 Men’s Title in just our second year in the League to the Lady Cobras contesting the 2008 Championship, Kilsyth has built a strong reputation and history as a one of Australia’s most successful Clubs.

The success on court has been influenced by those off court who have made a significant contribution, and sacrifice to the Kilsyth Cobras.  The Thomas, Anderson, McMenamin, Haughton, Fletcher, Watson, McKernan, Lehmann, Van Poppel, Cooper & Taylor families to name a few, are among others, whose contribution is just as important, who have helped make Kilsyth the Family Club it is today.

Success was instant for the Cobras.  In 1985 the team led for Gary Fox won the Grand Final from 4th place and the move to the SEBL was all but justified.  Following the 1985 Championship the Cobras continued to play finals until 1988 when the team missed the playoffs for the first time since its inaugural year. 

1990 not only saw a return to the playoffs with the Cobras led by import Robert Enge but the women’s competition was formed and Kilsyth become a foundation member. The early years bought little success for the Lady Cobras and with the men following a similar path the 1985 Title was looking like a distant memory.

Fortunes changed in 1996 when import Cameron Burns joined the men’s team and Andrea Cartledge began to dominate the League for the women.  Both teams made playoffs and began building for a tilt at the Title.  The men stumbled in 1997 to miss the playoffs but the Women made their first Grand Final and finished Runners up to Frankston.  Beijing bound Australian Opal Belinda Snell was a part of this Title run.

The Lady Cobras used the motivation of 1997 to build a successful 1998 campaign where Mike Bainbridge led them to the 1998 National Championship.  This was the beginning the most successful era in the Lady Cobras history.

Mark Landells took over the Men’s program in 1999 and success was instant as the Cobras won the East Conference final and became ABA National Final Runners up. The Lady Cobras led by new coach Ed Dunstan would again finish SEABL Runners up.

The start of the new Century didn’t hamper the Cobras success with the men returning to the Title game only to be Runners up in both the SEABL South Conference and ABA National Finals.

In 2001 both teams made the finals but were unable to return to their past glory. The men finished 9th in 2002 but it was the Lady Cobras led by Gary Fox who stole the show with an 18-2 record they won their second SEABL and National Championship title.

Not content, the Lady Cobras returned to the SEABL and ABA Finals in 2003 to be Runners up, while the men made the playoffs.

Grant Wallace and Ed Dunstan took over as Coaches in 2004 with the Lady Cobras missing finals and Cobras finishing 3rd.  Wallace improved on his first season in charge to become Runners Up in the South Conference in 2005 as the women had their most disappointing year since the early 1990’s winning just five games.

Neither team fired in 2006 with both groups finishing 5th as new women’s Coach Jason Knight began building his team.  The men were again Runners up to Bendigo in 2007 in the South Conference as the women returned to the finals.  Both teams again made the post season in 2008 with the women eagerly preparing for the Grand Final against Nunawading.

Throughout its long and proud history Kilsyth has had many great players, coaches and administrators, all who have played a major role in shaping the successful Club. 

From those currently involved with the Club Kilsyth Cobras we thank all who helped to shape this great Club, into the envy of others it is today.  We are proud to be a part of the efforts in continuing to shape the future for the Kilsyth Cobras.