3 Core Technologies have a history of catering for works at all levels. Recent works have included the supply and installation of a CCTV Security System at Kilsyth Sports Centre, the complete installation of CCTV, Alarm, Access Control, Electrical and Data works for the City of Stonnington Works Depot, all security and electrical works at Camberwell Girls Grammar School and the supply an installation of Alarm and Intercom systems to many residential premises.

Their security team are experienced and licensed with the Victoria Police to deliver what is assessed as the requirements to meet your needs. Security in today’s environment is not an area we take lightly. It is paramount to deliver a level of peace of mind to all, whether it is CCTV, Alarms or Access Control.

Kilsyth Basketball General Manager Grant Wallace complemented 3 Core Technologies on their service and quality. “The team at 3 Core Technologies has made the Kilsyth Sports Centre safer through the installation of CCTV.  This has provided peace of mind to the Association and the Centre’s patrons.”

Security Manager Grant Mancer said “Our association with Kilsyth Basketball is a trust to supply security at any level and we were delighted to be given the opportunity to meet what was seen by Centre Management as a need to safeguard the thousands of people enjoying the Centre’s facilities.”

“Our company see the association with Kilsyth Basketball as a chance for us to be involved in a sport that our director’s children grew up playing and my 5 yr old daughter, who is growing taller by the minute, will really enjoy seeing the games.”

No job is delivered differently, at 3 Core Technologies, they stand by their philosophy of their core values being; Value, Quality and Service.

3 Core Technologies has a special deal for all Kilsyth Basketball members, players and sponsors. Contact Grant Mancer today and not only will you be getting a great offer but 3 Core Technologies will make a donation back to Kilsyth Basketball.  For more information on this exclusive offer, visit www.3ct.com.au or call 9387 0071.

For information on how to become a sponsor of Kilsyth Basketball contact Ben Turner 03 9728 1033 or visit www.kilsythbasketball.com.au