Kilsyth & Mountain District Basketball Association Inc. Association Forum

Summary of Minutes

10 November 2008 held at Club Kilsyth – Meeting opened at 7.05pm


Association President Malcolm Allison welcomed all those in attendance to the Association Information Forum.

Item 1 – ANZ Sponsorship Arrangement for Domestic Clubs

Lisa Barry from ANZ Banking Group Ltd. offered all domestic clubs the opportunity to set up an introducer agreement which can help clubs raise money.

ANZ will pay domestic clubs a rebate for each home loan taken out by members of that club.  The deal is not exclusive, meaning clubs can be a referee for other banks.

Clubs can contact Lisa Barry on 9761 2148 or for more information.

Item 2 – Sportingpulse Free Club Websites

Justin Nelson from Sportingpulse offered all domestic clubs the opportunity to set up a free website using the Sportingpulse system.  Clubs can then display their fixtures and results within this site while communicating with their members through news modules and other features.

Contact Justin Nelson on 9872 5277 or for more information.

Item 3 – Stadium Redevelopment

Eastern Sports Development Chairperson Jeff Hunter presented members with the concept plans for the proposed two court development at the Kilsyth Sports Centre.  Plans are currently available for perusal at reception and entry area at the Kilsyth Sports Centre and comments and suggestions are encouraged to ESD General Manager Grant Wallace by email

Item 4 – Kids First

Ben Turner, Basketball Development Manager invited clubs to get involved in the Kids First program.  In 2008, the program visited 50 schools and 20,000 children with the Kilsyth Cobras players conducting clinics.  Clubs are invited to participate in the days by sending a coach, talking to the classes or sending along flyers for distribution.  It is important to continue to develop a connection between potential players and the domestic clubs.

Item 5 – Working with Children Checks

General Manager Grant Wallace outlined the Working with Children Check legislation.  Basketball is one of nine sports chosen to implement the WWC’s check by June 2009.  All team’s managers, coaches and committee members are required to go through the process.

Some clubs expressed concern on a number of issues:

Required clarification for team managers – team managers serve a purpose to collect the money from parents and therefore do not have involvement with the children.  It was requested that Grant Wallace follow up to determine a ruling on Team Managers having to have checks.

Statutory declaration – a number of clubs expressed concern about the Basketball Victoria Statutory declaration process.  Grant Wallace will follow this up with Basketball Victoria to determine the justification for the collection of statutory declarations.

A media release will be developed to communicate the important of WWC check for the community.  Kilsyth Basketball will attempt to work with the Lilydale and Yarra Valley Leader to spread the importance of the check.

Mt Evelyn Meteors Basketball Club was concerned about the privacy issues in passing on the WWC Check information to the Association.  Grant Wallace will get a ruling on this privacy concern.  As coaches are members of the Association, both the Association and Club are responsible for making sure the check has been completed therefore require the WWC Check  number.

Grant Wallace will follow up with Basketball Victoria to suggest that Basketball needs a consistent approach to managing the WWC Checks.

Item 6 – Representative Basketball

Association President Malcolm Allison passed on his congratulations to the wonderful job the K&MDBA Inc. Domestic Clubs are doing in producing players and coaches to represent the Association in the Victorian Junior Basketball League.  The success of the Association at this level is a result of the hard work by all the volunteers within the domestic program.

Malcolm encouraged all clubs to keep up the good work and help players and coaches develop their game through the development pathway.

Item 7 – FIBA Rule Changes

Sharon Arnold – Association Referees Advisors outlined the new FIBA rules changes for Clubs.


It is now legal when a player falls and slides on the floor while holding the ball, as long as it is unintentional. It is a travel if the player rolls or attempts to stand up without dribbling the ball.


During a dribble from the backcourt to frontcourt, the ball goes into a team’s frontcourt when BOTH feet of the dribbler AND the ball are in contact with the frontcourt. This means a player may move their feet into the frontcourt and continue their dribble in the backcourt, and then return their feet into the backcourt again.


If a defensive player causes contact from behind or laterally in an attempt to stop a fast break and there is no opponent between the offensive player and the opponents’ basket, then the contact shall always be called an unsportsmanlike foul. The level of contact is not important; if a foul is called, it MUST be an unsportsmanlike foul.


Any player who is disqualified from a game MUST leave the stadium immediately.


A technical foul can be called on a player for excessive swinging of elbows (without contact). Kilsyth referees are directed to warn a player first. If contact is made, then the referees should judge whether an unsportsmanlike foul is appropriate.

Item 8 – 2009 Door Change Fee Increase

All clubs were informed that effective from January 1, 2009 the $1.50 door charge will increase to $2.00.  The additional fees are required to successful fund the additional two courts at the Kilsyth Sports Centre.  An information sheet on the 2009 fees will be distributed to clubs over the coming weeks, this will include information for parents and players.