Blog 5: 9th November 2009

Hey Guys,
Got our first exhibition game tomorrow, there’s been a bit of excitement around campus. We had a scrimmage last Sunday against the University of North Florida. It was a really competitive match up. It took us a while to get going, but once we did we blew them out. I had some pretty decent stats, had about 26 points and 16 rebounds! Although we did play a extra half, so I guess those numbers are a little inflated (probably should be more like 18 and 11). Either way I felt it was a solid performance. Hopefully I can pull in some similar numbers this weekend in our exhibition game vs Mary Washington University. In other news, I have a really saw right bum cheeck after landing on it at practice last night. lol. Hopefully it will clear up before the game tomorrow.
That’s me for now

Blog 4: 21st October 2009

Hey Guys! Things are going pretty good over here at the moment. We’ve started regular season practice, been going since last Friday, followed by Bulldog Madness which is kind of like a celebration of the start of basketball season. There was a pretty solid turnout, around 1500 people, and we had some god events. We had a 5 minute intra-team scrimmage and a dunk competition among other things. One of our freshmen, Stefon Johnson won the dunk competition with a 360 statue of liberty dunk from about a step or two by the freethrow line! It was ridiculous! I’ve had a little trouble with my right knee lately, just a bit of tendinitis I guess. Nothing to major, but a bit of a pain. We’re geering up for our first exhibition game on the 7th of november! I’m super excited for the start of season.

Anyway that’s me for now

Blog 3: 3rd October 2009

Only 2 weeks away from the start of official team practice. Really looking forward to it. We’ve been having these really short practice sessions, about an hour, and it’s kind of frustrating. As soon as we really start getting into it the session ends. Got some sad news, they finally made me cut my hair =( I had to have it cut by Wednesday of last week for team photos. I’m still getting used to it, but I guess it’s not so bad. lol. Got some better news though too, I made the Presidential Honour Roll for the big south conference. It’s an award recognizing both athletic and academic achievements. It always feels good to have your hard work recognized.

Anyway that’s all for now

Blog 2: 15th September 2009

Hey Guys,

Been a little banged up over the passed week. Got some deep tissue bruising in my right heal, and two rolled ankles, so I’ve had to sit out of our open gym. But I’ve been playing really well in individuals and been running fairly well for conditioning. We have our first team practice tomorrow, should be really good to get the new guys together with the coaches for the first time and start implementing some of the plays. Our football team is playing NC State this weekned, should be an awesome game! It’s one of the last weekend that we’ll get off, so gotta enjoy it while it’s here.

Anyway that’s it for now

Blog 1: 6 September 2009

So I’ve been back over here in the states for about 5 weeks and I’ve gotta say, I’m really excited about this up coming season. We have a much more athletic team than we’ve had in the past and the entire team is taking a really good attitude towards season. We’re still lacking a little bit of size, but that’s nothing we’re not used to.

I am really glad that I had the opportunity to play with the Aussie squad at the World University Games this summer, my game benefited a whole lot.

We started pre-season about a week ago, so my schedule just got really hectic. Weights, Conditioning, Individuals, Practice, Pick-up, and class…lol… so not a whole lot of time for much else. I still have my weekend for the moment though; at least for the next few weeks. There’s a whole lot of hype building up around school for our season starting because of the schedule we’re playing. We’ve got 3 of the pre-season top 10, UNC, Duke, and Texas, as well as Penn State who’ll be ranked in the top 25. It’s definitely one of the tougher schedules we’ve had, but it’s a good challenge for us.

That’s it for me.

Catch ya!

Auryn MacMillan #42