The rivalry goes deep in the foundations of both Associations with fierce battles not only in the SEABL but at the VJBL and Big V Youth League levels as well as for various State and National awards.  Kilsyth and Knox stand as the two largest Associations in Australia representing over 1000 teams each, with Kilsyth winning the largest Association for the past 14 years.

The Ashes Trophy was formed back in 2006 to commemorate the intense rivalry and signify all that was left when the Kilsyth & Mountain District Basketball Associations licensed club venue Club Kilsyth burnt to the ground.  From the ashes of the fire a Trophy was made and community basketballs biggest rivalry grew even bigger.

Kilsyth is yet to win the Ashes, with Knox winning the Trophy in both 2006 and 2007, the winner is determined by the combined points total in both the women and men games.  Should the points come to a draw the Trophy is retained by last year’s winner.  Earlier this year Kilsyth retained the Cystic Fibrosis Cup after the points were drawn at Knox.

On the men’s side of the competition the teams have taken different paths in 2008, Kilsyth currently sit in 5th position at 8-13 with just a slight chance of making finals, while Knox lead the East Conference at 12-10.  The standings never matter in these games and the Cobras will be out to repay the Raiders after a 21pt loss earlier in 2008.

The women are in opposite positions to the men with Kilsyth sitting 4th at 11-8 and favourite to make the finals in front of Ballarat and Southern Districts while Knox sits at 6-14 in 8th place and out of contention.  Kilsyth will be looking for a repeat of their early season success after defeating Knox by 21pts.  Knox have had the Lady Cobras number is recent years so they will be looking to make it another win against the arch-rival.

Kilsyth Basketball General Manager Grant Wallace said “this is one of the most important games of the year for not just the Cobras but the entire Association and we know that all the men and women will represent Kilsyth Basketball with pride and bring back the Ashes to its rightful home”.

“The Kilsyth-Knox rivalry is an event we all look forward to each year, its tradition is engrained in the people of each club, too win these games is more important than most during the year.  The Battle for the Ashes is sometimes referred to like the Collingwood-Essendon Anzac Day match.  As coach of the men’s team and General Manager of Kilsyth Basketball, I look forward to this game each and every year because of the passion it stirs up in not only the players but within the entire basketball community,” said Mr. Wallace.

Anyone who says Basketball is dead, get down to Kilsyth this Saturday night July 12th and be part of the loud and passionate crowd that will be willing their teams on. The SEABL and Community Basketball are alive and well! 

The Women are schedule to tip off at 6.15pm while the Men take to the court at 8.30pm.  Keep up to date with all the Kilsyth Basketball News at