The Swinburne Kilsyth Cobras’ newest partner is cranking up the volume at the Kilsyth Sports Centre.  Beats By Dr. Dre has just signed on as a major partner for the team, combining their passion for music and dedication to the local community with a love for the game. 

Business Development Manager Cameron Greig was at Kilsyth Sports Centre to be formally welcomed into the Cobra family this week.  Beats by Dr. Dre signed on to a two year agreement with the Swinburne Kilsyth Cobras which includes player sponsorships for three of the senior star players: Auryn MacMillan, Garfield Blair, and Sarah Parsons.  The partnership also provides the Swinburne Cobras with halftime promotions and giveaways from Beats by Dr. Dre.

While Beats by Dr. Dre has a global scope, the company is making a push to support local markets with more grassroots efforts.  Beats by Dr Dre is committed to creating quality products that take music to a new level.  Highlighting the intricacies of music such as the bass and details that artists work to perfect, their products allow users to hear music the way it was supposed to be heard. 

“Music plays a major role in peoples’ lives.  From shaping their attitudes to being used as a means of self-expression, music is very influential,” Greig said.  In a similar way, Basketball can be seen as such an outlet and Greig hopes the local youth community will continue to use both passions to engage in an active and positive life. 

The Beats by Dr. Dre product line of high performance headphones include over-ear as well as in-ear models.  Catch MacMillan and Blair rocking out to their favourite tunes with their new Beats Studio OE headphones while Parsons will be wrapped up listening to her jams through the quality Beats Solo HD headphones.

“You always hear about how good the Beats headphones are, but until you experience it it’s a whole new level.  I think Beats by Dr. Dre is one of the best sponsors I’ve seen so far, they are very excited to engage with the team and enjoy what we do on the floor.  I am honoured to represent them in a similar positive way.  A big thank you to Cameron Greig for this opportunity,” said Garfield Blair.

The Swinburne Kilsyth Cobras are excited to have their newest major partner Beats by Dr. Dre on board and look forward to all the future endeavours present with their support.