With Stephen O’Brien, Joel Naburgs, Liam McInerney, Courtney Healy, Brett Seljak, Zach Taulien, Zach Moult, Daniel Tomada and Will Sinclair all at college in the US, they will keep us up to date with regular blogs.

Here’s my blog so far this year from Stetson.
We are well and truly into the swing of things by now. Joel and I have been here since late August and our preseason started shortly after we got here. This will be our third (junior) year at Stetson, which is already going by really quickly. We have had a completely new coaching staff this year who have really changed things up compared to my previous 2 years, as well as a lot of new faces on the playing roster. Despite the polls, we are looking good this year and are all keen to prove it.
Up until last week, our weekly training schedule consisted of 4 weights sessions and several small- or whole-group practices with some running thrown in, but we are not allowed to do more than 8 hours of training per week because of NCAA rules. I’m feeling a lot fitter than in previous years, and am doing better on the court too. We have started our official team trainings now, which means training for 2-3 hours a day, 6 days a week (with a couple of 6:30am sessions).

Our sessions have been tough, Coach Alexander has been putting us through our paces and is really big on discipline, but it is paying off as we are getting better on the court with every practice session. Our first game is still a few weeks away, then we will have to face some big schools during our non-conference schedule, including Florida, Florida State, Indiana and UCF (where Michael Jordan’s 2 sons both play) before moving into our conference games.
We are all looking forward to another year and improving a lot on previous years. There is a different feel to the team this year, and it is a good one. Our hard work and attitudes will no doubt have a positive effect on our playing, which we are all looking forward to showing all the people who doubt us.
Will stay in touch with you all.

Liam McInerney