This is it, all our hard work from the January to August has been worth it we are in the grand final. We have had our ups and downs along the way; we did it the hard way having to go on the road for two elimination finals and won them both. We have been in hostile environments with our back against the wall, we have been down by 18 points and come back and won, we have celebrated with our supporters who travelled with us interstate and saw us win We have been through tough training sessions and watched plenty of game tape. The preparation is complete, maybe there is some last minute details the coaching staff can tell us but as for fitness work, strategies and mental preparation it all complete.

The next 24 hours are the toughest. Do you think about the game?? Do you try not to get caught up in all the excitement?? Do you enjoy all the attention and ride the wave?? In years gone past my preparation going into big games is not much different from any other game. If you get caught up in all the excitement you almost play the game over and over in your head before the first tip. Once the game time arrives you are exhausted, you need to relax and treat the week like a normal week. Enjoy the atmosphere when you get to game, let it inspire you and energise you during that hour and half before tip off. And go into the game primed and ready to play. You must leave it all out on the floor and walk off that court knowing you gave it everything you had.

From a captains point of view I would like to thank all our supporters who have been with us through the good times and the bad times. The playing group are not only playing for each other but we are playing for all the supporters. To those who are making the trip to Bendigo please be loud and make sure you are wearing the black and red of the mighty cobras.

D.J. Taylor