In a fantastic weekend for our Yarra Ranges Kia Kilsyth Cobras they have managed to get over the top of a tricky Waverley side who’s offense seemed to come in waves all afternoon. The game started at a frantic pace with Kyle Adnam, who had been sick all week getting Kilsyth’s first 8 points of the game.

The second quarter saw Kilsyth’s defense ramp up an extra gear as Waverley tended to settle for jumpers that just weren’t falling for them. Despite Adnam being quiet, others were able to contribute, something that didn’t happen last week against Knox with the Cobras heading into the main break with a 5 point lead.

Waverly came into the second half on fire, scoring 52% of the quarter to give them a 3 point lead. With Matt McCarthy fouling out with 6.12 remaining, Kilsyth’s Stephen O’Brien went to work, putting a whole lot of pressure on Waverley’s suspect interior D, as Kilsyth edged slowly back into it before taking the lead on an Adnam free throw with 2.41 remaining.

With the Cobras leading by 2 with possession, Kyle Adnam rose to the occasion again, flying to the rim with a tough up and under lay-in to all but seal this one up with 22 seconds to play, a massive win for Kilsyth.

With it all said and done, Stephen O’Brien put together his best game of the year with 21 points and 7 boards, Kyle Adnam had 16 and Kieran Murphy put in 12 points and 15 boards.

So after a long season in the inaugral Molten Victorian Championship Final, we have two remaining. The Eagles with their factory of talent that continues to come through the program against the athletic and tight group that are the Kilsyth Cobras, led by their general Kyle Adnam. This is one grand final you cannot miss.