Many of the school’s students and teachers were directly affected by the fires with many homes in the area lost on Saturday 7 February 2009.  The school itself was very lucky with the entire school boundary burnt; the school suffered only minor damage with a shed, wheelchair access ramp and school sign destroyed.

Throughout the two hour visit to Chum Creek the Cobras players not only ran the children through fun drills and games but spent time talking to the children about their experiences, playing some games of 2-on-2 and even jumping on the jumpy castle.

Cobras Import Quincy Henderson enjoyed his time with Chum Creek and was happy he could help bring a smile to the student’s faces.  “Some students have lost their homes yet they continue to come to school with a smile.  I am glad we were able to visit and cheer up their day,” he said.

Kilsyth Basketball has made a contribution to the bushfire fund and all junior domestic players wore armbands and made donations over the past few weeks to raise additional funds to support the community.  The Association will continue to do all it can over the coming months to support the communities affected by the devastating fires.  

The Kilsyth ‘Swinburne’ Lady Cobras will visit a community over the coming weeks to show their support and the players will visit other schools in the area to continue to show their support. 

Cobras Import Joe Werner has also invited the students and community of Chum Creek to visit one of the Cobras SEABL games in 2009.  The School will take part in our Schools Night-out Program, sponsored by Ultimate Sports Enterprises, with all students and their families entitled to free entry for their allocated night and the school’s staff being entertained in a corporate box.  “We look forward to having the Chum Creek community attend one of our games during the Season and hope this small gesture provide some joy as they rebuild their community,” said Werner.

Cobras Season kicks off on Saturday 21 March 2009 with the men and women play a double header on Sunday 5 April 2009.

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