Blog 2

Hi everyone,
So at the moment I am on Christmas break. This means no school!! but i have been back in Clarion for a while now. We had to be back on Boxing day becasue we had 2 games in Florida on the 28th and 29th. We won both thankfully! It made the whole trip so much better. Our hotel was right on the beach.. it was amazing. It wasnt even that hot (nothing compared to the aussie weather) but it was hot enough for me and a few of  my teammates to go swimming. It was such a change for us becasue it has been snowing like crazy in Clarion for months. So my teams record at the moment is 9 wins and 4 losses. Which isnt to bad. We have lost a few games that we really should have won.. but it happens. My team and I are now preparing for our first conference game. We are playing a very good team that has been a powerhouse for the last couple of years. But I think that this would be our year to beat them. We have been really working on our defence, and we actually made a record on the weekend. We held a team to 24 points for the game. I guess this is the lowest score in school history since the shot clock has been introduced. Anyway I start classes up again in a week, which should be ok. Now our games are on a wednesday and saturday for the rest of the season so we will be pretty full on for the next few month.. but the games coming up are why we play. Anyway I hope everyone is really well.. I will try to keep you more updated.

Court xx

Blog 1

Since being back at college i have been really busy, mainly with classes and working out (trying to get ready for pre-season). it has been great to get back and see all my team mates again, and the social side of college is amazing! there is always something going on. next week we start our pre-season, which should be interesting. we have a few new girls on the team so we will have to all work together to get some good team chemistry happening. pre-season involves individual trainings, lifting, 6am runs at the football field, and pick-up. so basically my life will be crazy for a while. pre-season lasts for a month and then we start to have practice. this involves training 6 days a week. we do this for a month and then our actual games start mid november. i am really looking forward to the season, i think we should be fairly successful if we all work hard and as a team. hope everyone is well in aus!

Court xx