The 120 basketball players received expert tuition from the Directors of Coaching from each of the five associations that included Dandenong, Frankston, Kilsyth, Knox and Sandringham. The players, selected so they mixed with players from other Clubs, then broke up into team groups to execute the drills demonstrated and explained by the Directors of Coaching, as well as playing a round robin tournament throughout the four days of the camp.

In addition to learning the skills of the game, these athletes and Coaches were privileged to listen to inspirational talks from the likes of Lindsay Gaze, Michelle Timms, Chris Anstey, Cheryl Chambers and Grant Wallace.

A unique feature of the camp was the inclusion of three up and coming young referees from each of the five associations. These referees were given instruction by some of the leading referee educators in Australia throughout the week.

Camp Director Rod Popp of Kilsyth said, "The standard of the camp was first class and the cooperation of all five associations is something very exciting for the group to build upon. Many thanks to the sponsor of our camp, ULTRASPORT TIMBER FLOORS. It’s great to see a company put back into the game of basketball, and it helped make the camp very affordable to allthe players."

Some other quotes from the camp:

“The quality of the head coaches, the organisation, the professional manner and the structure of the camp was outstanding. The variety of skills, philosophies, techniques and advice that was given was fantastic."

– Martene Matthews, Coach

"The camp was a wonderful experience. I met heaps of new friendly people, and received great advice from great Referee coaches to help me step up my officiating skills on the court. I really enjoyed every moment of the training camp on and off the court."

– Mohammad Wallipoor, Referee

"Everyone I spoke to was happy with this camp. There was a friendly atmosphere and everyone got along with each other very well. A lot of new friends were made. The different Coaches brought their own expertise to the camp and covered it all. It was a great four days, thank you very much for a great camp!"

– Astrid Taulien, Parent