FIBA has released several new rule changes which will now be across our Domestic Competitions and the VJBL effective immediately.

Highlighting these new rule changes is the new travelling interpretation, which now gives offensive players more freedom when catching the ball on the move. The implementation of the ‘0’ Step or ‘Control’ Step now gives a player the opportunity to gain control of the basketball while on the move with an initial step. This step is not counted as an action with possession of the ball, meaning the next step by the moving player with the ball is deemed ‘Step 1’.

Changes have also been made to the Unsportsmanlike Foul rule. An Unsportsmanlike Foul will now be called when it is deemed that no legitimate play on the ball was evident, including late game fouling situations to stop the clock and fouls to intentionally prevent a fast break. An unsportsmanlike foul will also be assessed in a situation where a referee deems that unnecessary force or a ‘un-basketball’ action has caused a foul.


Also of note is the new change to the Disqualifying Foul rule. While previously a player would be disqualified from a game if they were assessed either two technical fouls OR two unsportsmanlike fouls, a player can now be disqualified (also known as ‘ejected’) for receiving a combination of one technical foul AND one unsportsmanlike foul.

These changes will now be enforced in our Domestic Competitions and the VJBL.

Click here or a detailed summary of the latest FIBA rule changes.