Kilsyth (14-8) have some breathing room over third placed Brisbane (12-9) but a loss to the Spartans would not only close the gap but award them the split.

With Adam Gibson running the show in their early season match up Brisbane were able to defeat the Swinburne Cobras 86-81.  Despite Gibson no longer being available due to commitments with the Boomers, Brisbane still have a wealth of talent.

Tyson Demos, Drew Williamson, Ash Cannan and Greg Vanderjagt all have NBL experience and have got the Spartans back on track winning three of their last five after some inconsistent mid season form.

Kilsyth will enter the match on a high, having won two straight games whilst returning the Ashes to Kilsyth with a win over the Knox Raiders.  Another win is important not just to hold Brisbane in third but to continue to pressure first placed Bendigo.

The Swinburne Cobras currently sit just a half game back on the Braves but need to finish a game ahead of them on the ladder to secure top spot after losing the split.

Fernandez Lockett and Ryan Bathie were back to their best last week, while Matt O’Hea, Tim Lang and Quincy Henderson all performed their role against the Raiders.

The Swinburne Cobras should match up well with the Spartans with Ash Cannan likely the key defensive assignment for Kilsyth.  Lockett should get the job on Cannan.

Kilsyth will take on Brisbane on Friday 9 July at 7.00pm.  Follow the game via the live stats on .

The Swinburne Lady Cobras will also face fourth placed Brisbane this week .  Up for grabs for the winner is third place on the ladder, for the loser a fall down the ladder is certain.

Kilsyth returned to form last week with a 10 point win over the Knox Raiders.  The win set the Club up for an important Ashes victory and helped the Swinburne Lady Cobras bounce back into form ,for an important late season stretch.

Knox was the start of a tough run home for the Swinburne Lady Cobras who will face Brisbane (road), Launceston, Dandenong, Ballarat (road) and Nunawading (road) during the final four weeks of the season.

With early season wins over Brisbane and Launceston, Coach Cheryl Chambers will be looking for more of the same but she will also need her team to reserve its form against those other three teams.

The tough run home should prepare Kilsyth for finals and if they are able to overcome some of these teams a home final will be the reward.

Brisbane are much improved since their second round match up with Kilsyth.  The Spartans have added former Australian Opal Emma Randall, alongside Kirsten Veal and Natalie Purcell.  Brisbane have a wealth of talent in support that includes Holly Smith.

Kilsyth will need Deanna Smith and Ellie Manou to enter this match the same way they played against Knox. Swinburne Lady Cobras Alice Kunek, Hayley Moffatt and Gemma Kerr will also need to contribute at both ends of the floor.

Kilsyth will travel to Brisbane on Saturday 10 July 2010 for a 6.00pm tip off.