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Garfield Blair, new reinforcement of WBE    

Jamaican guard Garfield Blair (1 96 m, 25 years) became new Weber Bay students brace for the 2012-13 season of LNB.

Blair, formed in the Stetson University where he played four seasons (123 matches), shut down its participation in 2008-09 with 17.5 units, 2.1 assists and 7.5 rebounds per appearance. In that season he excelled as the fourth top goalscorer of the Atlantic Sun Conference.

Blair, who also has U.S. citizenship, on the other hand, finished his college career as the fourth best scorer of Stetson throughout its history, to accumulate 1,582 units.

It’s a versatile scoring edge, good technical condition, can also play in the role of small eaves. Plays very well in actions of one against one, and also knows how to exploit the pick and roll game.

"It’s a bet we face next season." "We hope that US fruit and which can be soon attached to the Organization", noted Juan Espil, sports director of Bay Basket, to refer to the new foreign perimeter.

Blair, who has been playing in the SEABL (Australian League) to Kilsyth Basketball, the team that averaged 20 points, 5.3 rebounds and two assists per game last season, was capped with Jamaica in the Caribbean Games and the CentroBasket in 2010 and 2011.

In this way, Blair, who will arrive on Friday morning, to Bahía Blanca joins ala-pivote Jonathan Durley, who will come to the city on Thursday.

The leadership of Bay basketball is avocada to find the third foreign part, that would be one internal rotation.

Weber Bay students will not play finally with Liniers this Friday, as Paul Coleffi, the team’s coach, aims to Durley and Blair to make a couple of workouts before jumping onto the field along with the rest of his teammates.

In this way, WBE face Sunday Alliance Viedma in Bahía Blanca (Court to define) and then will travel to Monte Hermoso to confront gymnastics Indalo 29 current and Monte Hermoso Basket 31.

In September, the set of Coleffi collide with Peñarol 1 in San Cayetano, while again faced with the Milrayitas team 5 in a friendly match that will be part of the national celebration of basketball.

Blair and Durley trained in Weber Bay 
By Joaquin Baridon for WBE press

BAHÍA BLANCA – The American ala-pivote Jonathan Durley and Jamaican guard Garfield Blair trained this Friday with the top staff of Weber Bay students, that passes through the fourth week of the season. Despite the fatigue of the journey – Durley arrived in the town on Thursday and Blair the same Friday – both could participate fully in practice, which lasted two hours and was held in the stadium of San Lorenzo South.

"They arrived a few hours ago, and we were anxious to see them." "Luckily Durley completed already two training sessions, while Blair could move today in double shifts to meet their peers", said coach Paul Coleffi to be consulted.

Practice focused on the work offensive, rehearsing parked attack movements. Two informal games of five against five were also carried out. In this respect, he could see both the American and the Jamaican with a very good predisposition to understand systems from the outset. Despite the language differences, they endeavored to communicate to enter in confidence with his new teammates.

For Jonathan Durley (Ala-pivote, 2.04 m) was the second practice in WBE and you could see very active. He always sought friction in the domestic game, caught a lot of rebounds and everytime its brand were allowed, tested three-point with a very high effectiveness. At the same time, proved to be skillful in the one on one. "I am enjoying these days, knowing my colleagues and giving me that there is a great team." In game five against five I could see that we have no selfish players. "Also helped me to know what the coach game idea" said Durley after a series of shots that gave the practice ended.

"I’m very well physically." "At this time I feel a little tired because the practice was demanding and just a few hours I arrived in the city after two long journeys" said Garfield Blair, the sniper of 1.96 m and 25 years who came from the SEABL (Australian League).

Blair scored a pair of triples in front to the ring and showed good moves to enter heading to the ring, in the minutes that gave Coleffi its first practice.
Upon his arrival to the team and impacting play in our city, Blair said: "Is something rare for me being here with Pepe Sánchez, because it brings back memories of the University." Then I remember have been watching on television the party in which Argentina won the Olympic team of the United States. "This makes me realize that I am training next to a large figure of the sport".

Next Sunday, the staff of Bay basketball will face a new friendly match, this time before Alliance Viedma in the stadium of Olimpo. For this meeting, customer Paul Coleffi may be available to their two new foreign tabs.