Blog 1: 19 October 2009

Hello everyone back home!..

It’s Cam reporting from Viterbo University in La Crosse, Wisconsin. I have been here for roughly a month now. I can say i have adjusted fully to the time changes, but i’m still getting my head around the work load of school and basketball. At the moment we’re doing conditioning, weight sessions as  well as a bit of skill work on top of that. I can honestly say the first day of conditioning almost killed me! I had to watch my diet and stay away from all that delicious, fatty American food! The next week I can proudly say I survived alright.

It’s really been a pretty neat experience. The guys are really cool, and everyone’s really nice here.  The school is a really nice campus, it is not a huge school, which is good because students get more individual attention from the teachers as opposed to sitting in a packed lecture theatre. Also there are a lot of minor cultural differences. Eg Driving on the other side of the road and everything in pounds or miles, unlike our grams and metres.

Anyway I will keep you posted with updates with my situation here. =)