Kilsyth Basketball approached Yarra Ranges Council to offer Lilydale Basketball Stadium as an Emergency Relief Centre after the Kilsyth Sports Centre was used during the 2008-09 Fire Season. We see this as an important aspect in assisting the community and ensuring people are safe during times of extreme fire danger.

Yarra Ranges Council will coordinate all Emergency Relief Centres should they be required during the anticipated Fire Season. Visit their website for more details.

Kilsyth Basketball recommends all members visit the CFA website to make sure they are FIRE READY for the 2009-10 Fire Season.  Below are important resources all households should read.

Bushfire Season 2009-10 Information

Yarra Ranges Getting Fire Ready

Household Bushfire Assessment Tool

Fire Ready Kit

About Fire Danger Ratings  

Fire Danger Warnings

What You Can Do

Clean Up Your Property

• Keep grass cut
• Clean leaves out of gutters
• Remove dead undergrowth and fallen branches
• Reduce fine fuels such as long, dry grass, fallen leaves and twigs from around your house

Check for potential fire hazards
• Firewood
• Household junk stored under carports or eaves
• Pot plants/ hanging baskets
• Bushes against the house
• Vines on the house
• Surrounding structures – decks, pergolas
• Garden furniture
• Under house items

Have a Plan
• Your plan should include what you and your family will do on a high fire risk day.

• If your plan is to leave you need to consider:

When you will leave?
Where you will go?
How you will get there?
What you will take with you?
What you will do with your pets?
Who you have told about your plan?How long you may need to stay – you need to consider plans for more than one day/night

• Ensure your plans take into consideration a variety of scenarios – whether a fire risk day occurs on a work day, weekend, when the kids are home.

• If your plan is to leave on a fire risk day, do so at the start of the day before any fires break out. Include in your plan places to go such as a regional shopping centre, to family or friends. Consider relocating to a Relief Centre (if one has been activated) as a last resort.

• Discuss your plans with family and friends so everyone knows what to expect.

• Plan what you will take with you if you relocate such as medicines, toiletries etc – you might not be able to come back that night.

• Join the CFA’s Community Fireguard – a free fire safety education program (Call Victorian Bushfire Information line 1800 240 667).

Check out the CFA’s website for more information: