Kilsyth Basketball is delighted to announce that they have recently installed a 30 kilowatt solar power system at the Kilsyth Sports Centre. The massive ReneSola system with three Aurora inverters was installed with the support of AGL Solar, and will assist the Association in moving forward towards a sustainable future, whilst reducing their total energy consumption and costs. The solar power system is expected to yield approximately 106.9 kilowatts per day, which is enough energy to run six average households1.  

Kilsyth Basketball General Manager Grant Wallace commented: “the Association has long held a commitment to sustainability, and our move to solar power only reinforces this commitment”.

As part of the installation, a monitoring system will be installed to enable the Association to collect data on the amount of energy that the solar panels are generating and the carbon savings.  As a further contribution to the local community, AGL Solar is donating a display system in the foyer of the Centre so that all members and visitors to the Kilsyth Sports Centre can see firsthand the amount of energy produced by the solar power system.

It is estimated that the solar power system will offset approximately 52.7 tonnes of carbon emissions per year2. Over a 25 year period this would equate to taking 346.6 cars off the road or planting 4,916 trees3.

Kilsyth is expected to save approx $6,500 per year4 from this sustainability project.

Ave household consumption per day based on 15-18kW.  Source:
2Source: Carbon Co-efficient in Vic=1.35t per MWh of electricity generated in Victoria.  Essential Services Commission GreenHouse Gas co-efficient 2012 21 Mar 2012
3Source: Conversion factors
4 Annual Savings derived from proprietary modelling tool developed by SunWiz Pty Ltd.