Despite the loss, the Lady Cobras (9-6) remain in 4th place but have missed an opportunity to break open from those challenging for a place in the finals. Ballarat (7-6) and Southern Districts (7-9) both closed the gap on the Lady Cobras with wins.

Kilsyth stormed out in the opening minutes to take a 12 point lead early and looked like they could cruise away with a win.  Southern Districts put themselves in the match by closing the gap to three points at quarter time as Holly Smith (20pts, 12rbds) proved a difficult defensive assignment for the Lady Cobras.

Clare Papavs (18pts, 9rbds) kept the Lady Cobras rolling as they went into the main break with a 1 point lead.  In what was becoming a scrappy contest Southern District were not going to go away without a fight on the second leg of a double weekend.  The fresh Lady Cobras couldn’t capitalise on plenty of opportunities around the basket and will look back on what could have been.

With both teams putting up a physical contest, the second half turned into a battle. The pressure forcing poor shot selection and multiply turnovers.  Both teams managed 14 points a piece as Kilsyth held on to a 1 point three quarter time lead. 

Both teams went into the 4th term with players in foul trouble and it was going to come down to who could keep their opposition off the free throw line.  The Lady Spartans started the 4th quarter with a run to build a 3 point lead with 5 minutes to play.  Kilsyth stars Desiree Glaubitz (12pts, 4 assists) and Sarah Parsons (11pts) struggled to convert at the offence end for the Lady Cobras and as the shots dried up for Papavs, Kilsyth made multiply errors down the stretch to drop this important game by 6.

Coach Jason Knight will be displeased with his teams effort down the stretch and with two losses on the season to the lower placed Lady Spartans, these games could come back to hurt in late July.  The Lady Cobras now have two bye weekends to re-group before making a season defining trip to the Apple Isle on June 13 and 14.

The Lady Cobras next return home on June 21st when they take on the Ballarat Lady Miners from 6.15pm.

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