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Tim Lang made such an impression on the German side that toured with the SEABL Representative team in the tour of China that they signed him for their 20010/11 season.

Lang will play for Erdgas Ehingen in the German Pro-B league. Ehingen had a successful year in 2009/10, finishing fourth with a 20-10 record.

The 6’9” forward was on the lookout for a playing stint over the summer after being looked over by NBL teams, and Lang struck up a relationship with the German side after the players and coaches from both sides gradually connected other over the course of the tour.

Lang was obviously happy at the opportunity to play overseas, but also suggested that the German venture would give him the chance to expand on his game in the off season.

“It’s a good opportunity to experience the European culture, but more importantly, I should hopefully be getting some decent playing minutes, and the team trains sometimes twice a day, so it’s a great opportunity to play and continue to develop.”

But Tim also hopes to be back for the 2011 SEABL season, and says that the Cobra’s should be a better side after their unexpected departure from this year’s playoffs.

“It depends on if Ehingen make the playoffs and how far we can progress, but April 20th is the latest that their season will go, so hopefully I shouldn’t miss more than three SEABL games in 2011.

“Our Kilsyth team is still very young, and finishing first over the regular season was a good achievement. The two narrow losses in the playoffs show that we’re really not far off, and with players like Auryn MacMillan being in the team from the start of the season, we should be able to step up again next year.”

Lang was also adamant that the SEABL competition had helped him to continue to develop for a player, after having played previously for Division 1 College Team Stetson in the Atlantic Sun conference.

“SEABL is a tough competition, and it’s a big test coming up against some of the quality players and teams week after week. Player stats are probably down a bit in SEABL compared to some other leagues, but that just goes to show how tough it is, and how any weaknesses get exposed over the season.”

Tim also went on to say that the SEABL trip to China had benefited him as a player in a number of ways, but had also left him with a newfound respect for some of his teammates.