Presenting the awards at Kilsyth Basketball Stadium, Mr Smith said all 19 players had shown enthusiasm and skill and were now able to progress to the underage basketball competition.

“I congratulate all of the mini-ball players for their enthusiasm and dedication in learning the skills to play basketball and I congratulate them on their award,” Mr Smith said.

“The Australian Government’s Sports Achievement Awards recognise outstanding sporting performances, achievements and contributions by community members.

“I also congratulate and thank all the coaches, parents and helpers for their commitment and dedication to helping the players learn about this sport.”

Mr Smith said the St Edmund’s Basketball Club had a great tradition of fostering young basketballers and was now the largest club in the Kilsyth and Mountain District Basketball Association.

“Sport is very important for a healthy and balanced life and it’s very important that we actively promote and encourage our youngsters to stay active,” Mr Smith said.

“I commend all involved in the Kilsyth and Mountain District Basketball Association – which is now the largest organisation of its kind in Australia – for encouraging so many children to be involved in such a terrific sport.

“I wish all the players the best with their basketball careers in the future and hope to see a few of them playing for the Boomers one day.”