Kilsyth Basketball can now continue with their efforts to boost basketball in the area with 13 courts now available across three venues.  Oxley Stadium will ease some of the pressure for courts faced by basketballers in the region.

Kilsyth Basketball will continue to utilise three courts on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday nights and all five courts on a Saturday. This will enable growth in both junior and senior competitions, alleviating some of the double byes, late night games and enabling more teams to be entered.

With over a 1000 teams now playing per week and a 9.6% increase participants over the past two years Kilsyth Basketball is seeing a strong growth in the demand to play the sport. With future demand expected to continue growing, plans to build at least two new courts at the Kilsyth Sports Centre on Liverpool Road will be carried out with a likely completion in 2011.

Already the largest association in Australia, Kilsyth is hard at work increasing the profile of the sport at the grassroots level through its Kids First program.  This year 2000 prep students in the area will all receive their own size 5 basketball and over 16,000 children will be involved clinics. 

We welcome all feedback about the new Oxley Stadium at