Sarah Parsons has done it all in her spectacular SEABL career. She was the SEABL Youth Player of the Year in 2007, the league’s best defensive player in 2008, a national champion in 2008 and a three-time winner of the Golden Hands Award. And now, after a 16-point, 12-rebound double-double against Albury-Wodonga on July 4, Sarah has joined illustrious Kilsyth’s 200 game club. Currently in her 11th season, the Maroondah Magic junior has shown no signs of slowing down, leading the league in total steals while also sitting amongst SEABL’s top-10 rebounders and passers. Sarah sat down with us to discuss her milestone and her continued success with the Lady Cobras.

ZM: How does it feel to reach such a big SEABL milestone and join some of the Cobras greats on the Hugh McMenamin court wall?
It’s definitely something I have had an eye for a long time. There are some great players on the wall and it is very humbling to be included. It’s very special to play 200 games for Kilsyth. The club is made up of great people and hopefully there are some juniors playing now that will be as lucky as I have been.

ZM: You’ve obviously played a lot of SEABL games for Kilsyth now and had a great deal of success throughout – is there a particular moment that stands out as the best for you?
There are so many moments that will stay with me forever but the one that stands out the most is winning the 2008 SEABL grand final. It was a very emotional year for the whole team.

ZM: Playing junior basketball here has exposed you to plenty of coaches and influential people. Who really made an impact on you and helped you get to where you are?
I think all my coaches have had a big impact on me. Every coach has been so different and I think I have taken something from each of them. All my teammates have helped me get to this milestone too and I have great memories with them.

ZM: There is a lot of young talent coming through the junior ranks and into the league – what do you have to do in order to stay effective and at the top of your game?
Training is so important to me and I really believe that you train how you play. I’m not the youngest player on the team so recovery and getting treated on our off days is so important through a long season.

ZM: The team is having a very solid season – you’ve improved on last season’s record and have the potential to do some damage come playoff time. What’s been the big difference so far this year for the girls?
I think Sam (Woosnam) has played a big part in our success this year. She was a great player herself and I think she knows the game very well. We play a very team first type of game and that makes it very hard for other teams when every girl is a threat. Our main focus is to play team defence for 40 minutes.

ZM: You’re one of the most feared players in all of SEABL and have been for a long time. Even some of your teammates call you the toughest player they’ve ever faced. What is your mindset every time that you step out on the floor, and how are you able to bring such a physical, intense presence to every game and practice?
Haha I don’t know how I am one of the most feared player because I know at heart I am a big softy! I am a big believer in the way you train is the way you play, also I think you learn best at training. I know I am not the tallest, fastest or the best player going around so for me I like to take pride in doing the little things like boxing out and getting my team mates involved.

You’ve mentioned that you are nearing the end of your career – what’s next for Sarah Parsons?
I have a 7-month-old pup that I can’t wait to spend more time with. I’m also looking forward to spending more time with friends and family.

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