The deal will mean all Kilsyth Basketball Competitions and “Phil Munday’s” Kilsyth Cobra teams will use Spalding basketballs.

Spalding has been the innovative leader in basketballs since the games inventor Dr. James Naismith asked A.G Spalding to develop him a basketball back in 1891.  In 1983 Spalding became the Official Ball of the NBA and has continued this relationship ever since.

Kilsyth Basketball is proud to have Spalding involved as the Official Ball. Spalding produces some of the highest quality basketballs in the industry and are world leaders in innovation with their developments such as the first Composite Leather ball, Infusion and Never Flat Technology.

Ben Turner, Kilsyth Basketball Development Manager said “It is exciting to become involved with a global brand that is also the Official Ball of the NBA. Kilsyth has a long history with the Spalding basketball and this sponsorship will extend the relationship into the future.”

“Spalding continues to be leaders with their innovative technology and produce a great range of NBA licensed balls.  As part of this deal, Spalding will supply 2000 basketballs each year for the Kids First Program and we look forward to every prep student in the area playing basketball with a high quality ball,”

Spalding Marketing Manager Tom Hollis said “We at Spalding are pleased to be involved at the grass roots level of Basketball in Australia as well as our high level involvement with the NBA globally. We look forward to providing quality basketballs for the Kilsyth association to help assist player development and enhance the skills of the game.”

Kilsyth Basketball will stay ‘True to the Game’ with Spalding.

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