The Sportzstats Counter has been developed to allow sports participants at all levels to gather their own data in training and match conditions. Today more than ever, elite sports gather and use statistical data to constantly improve team and individual performance.

Spectators such as parents, friends, grandparents and training staff can now record the skills performance of a player in any of the sixteen sports available. The recorded statistics can then be entered in your Sportzstats Online Diary at where a complete history of the players’ performance is documented.

Sportzstats offers children a great opportunity to track their personal game day stats as well as their heroes in the SEABL. The counter has ten buttons and is simple to use. The nine most common skills for each individual sport are represented, as well as a ‘Z’ Factor button.  The ‘Z’ Factor is unique to the Sportzstats Counter, and allows you to record a new skill each time you play.

Kilsyth Basketball Development Manager Ben Turner welcomed Sportzstats in the Kilsyth Basketball Community, “It is fantastic to have Sportzstats involved as a sponsor of Kilsyth Basketball, Peter Daicos has developed a unique product, one which can assist budding sports stars to keep track of their own sporting achievements.”

Sportzstats Peter Daicos has been involved with a number of sporting products since retiring from the AFL. “Being a father to three kids I am more aware than ever of the importance of development in children. That’s why I feel the time is right to create a range of unique sporting products to assist children in their sporting endeavors.”

“We are excited to join Kilsyth Basketball as a sponsor.  Basketball is a booming at the community level and we see the Sportzstats counter as a fantastic tool for young players to keep track of their stats and maintain their Sportzstats diary,” said Daicos.

Sportzstats Counters are now available in the Kilsyth Sports Store.  For more information visit and register for your FREE online diary today.

For information on how to become a sponsor of Kilsyth Basketball contact Ben Turner 03 9728 1033 or visit