Both Gemma and Erica have played their entire SEABL careers for the Cobras something that in today’s game is an achievement it itself.Kilsyth and Mountain District Basketball Association are extremely proud of both girls and to reach such fantastic milestones is not only a credit to the girls, but their family, friends and the association.


Gemma began playing with Kilsyth in 1995 as a bottom aged under 14, while Erica began in 1990 as a 7 year old. The fact that the two girls get to share these wonderful milestones is amazing, they have been playing together since Under 14’s to this day remain the best of friends.


Erica believes this will make tonight even more memorable than it already was “ Gemma and I first started playing together at U14’s and have had the privilege of playing over a thousand games together, sharing this game makes it oh so more meaningful”.


Erica averages 6.3 points and 3.8 rebounds a game over her SEABL career, but it is her impact and leadership off the court that may be what she is ultimately remembered for. She is one of only a few players here at Kilsyth to have played right through Junior Cobras, representing Vic Metro and captaining the SEABL Swinburne Lady Cobra’s. Erica is also the first Lady Cobra in the Kilsyth’s history to record 250 games, she holds the club record for most assists, and is also features in the top 5 for career rebounds and steals.


Erica’s entire family has been involved with Kilsyth and Basketball for a lifetime, Erica’s father Hugh McMenamin sadly passed away 3 years ago, Hugh a life member was a visionary in Basketball, a former SEABL president and posthumous life member. It is three years to the day since Hugh passed and Erica says it is more than just a coincidence “It is 3 years to the day since Dad passed away as well as playing Albury, the team we played 3 years ago can’t all just be a coincidence, can it”. Erica, her family and all of Kilsyth know that Hugh shall be looking over the game tonight.


Gemma has been an invaluable member of the Swinburne Lady Cobras, averaging 8.2 points and 3.4 rebounds per game. Tonight she will tie Andrea Cartledge for third on the all-time playing list for the Lady Cobras. Gemma also sits fifth currently for career points, only two places behind her sister, Aneka. Gemma grew up in Shepparton and travelled down to play basketball for Kilsyth every weekend as a junior, Gemma believes this tonight would not have been possible without the support of her parents.


“My amazing parents Barry and Yvonne made a commitment to give us (Gemma and her sister Aneka) the opportunity to play basketball in Melbourne and for Kilsyth. We travelled from Shepparton to where ever we played in Melbourne on a Friday night, after the game we would make the trip back to Shepparton. This all happened again on a Sunday morning to make sure i was there for training”.


Kilsyth and Mountain District Basketball Association would like to congratulate the two girls and wish them both the best of luck for tonight’s game. Tip-off is at 6.15pm and is being held on Hugh McMenamin court.