The Swinburne Kilsyth Cobras have bounced back from their Round 17 losses to grab four wins this weekend. The Swinburne Lady Cobras grabbed two victories over the Nunawading Spectres (66 – 64) and the Geelong Supercats (73 – 53), while the Swinburne Cobras managed two wins in tight matches against Nunawading (84 – 81) and Geelong (100 – 99), both keeping their playoff hopes alive.

The Swinburne Kilsyth Lady Cobras headed to Nunawading Stadium on Saturday night for a game that meant sewing up second spot in the South Conference. The game was close beginning to end with the Swinburne Lady Cobras only trailing by four points at the major break 39 – 43. Knowing that a win in this game would mean a second chance come playoffs time, the Swinburne Kilsyth Lady Cobras stepped up the intensity on defence in the second half.

The Swinburne Lady Cobras, led by Sarah Parsons (17 points, 8 rebounds and 6 steals), forced 22 turnovers for the game, capitalising with 16 points from these turnovers and setting the tone for the rest of the game. It came down to the wire; with only one second remaining and the scores tied at 64 apiece, Sarah Parsons was fouled and sent to the line. Parsons knocked down the two clutch free throws and the Swinburne Kilsyth Lady Cobras snatched victory from the jaws of defeat, winning 66 – 64.

Sunday afternoon saw the Swinburne Lady Cobras host the Geelong Supercats in a massive victory. The game was closely contested for first three quarters with the Geelong Supercats accepting the challenge that the Swinburne Lady Cobras laid out, who took a five-point lead into the last term.

As if spurred by their last meeting down at Geelong, the Swinburne Kilsyth Lady Cobras heated up in the final quarter, playing suffocating defence (allowing only ten points) and scintillating offence (dropping 24-points).  With Sarah Parsons off injured in the third, the team rallied for a strong win with Hayley Moffatt leading all scorers with 23-points, closely followed by centre Kristen Barnes, who finished with 20-points and the Swinburne Lady Cobras getting up by 20-points, 73 – 53.

The Swinburne Kilsyth Lady Cobras head up to Canberra on Saturday August 4th to take on the Canberra Capitals with tip off at 5.30pm.

The Swinburne Kilsyth Cobras kept their playoff hopes alive with much needed wins against Nunawading and Geelong this past weekend. Saturday night the Swinburne Cobras went to Nunawading to take on the South Conference leaders in the Spectres. The Swinburne Cobras started strongly and pushed the Spectres taking a nine-point lead to the change rooms at half time 39-48.

From there Nunawading rallied, not wanting to fall easily to the Swinburne Cobras team. The stage was set for a classic game come the fourth, with only seconds remaining the Swinburne Cobras were holding on to a narrow five-point lead when Spectres big man (and ex-Cobra) Chris Cameron rained a massive three to bring his team within two with six seconds remaining. Swinburne Kilsyth Cobras guard Garfield Blair was then sent to the line, making one of two free throws and extending the lead to three-points. Nunawading were able to get a decent shot off in the time remaining, and the Swinburne Cobras walked away celebrating a three-point victory 84 – 81.

If Coach Grant Wallace didn’t have grey hairs after Saturday night surely some would have come through Sunday afternoon. After the Swinburne Cobras took the lead at the first change looking to repeat the performance they had over at Geelong Arena, the visitors then took control of the lead heading into the major break six points up.   

Now, we have all heard of a Captain’s basket, maybe even a Captain’s steal or block, but Swinburne Cobras Captain Matt O’Hea produced a captain’s game this Sunday. Fuelled with the possibility of his team’s playoffs hopes coming to an end, O’Hea found a spark to reignite his team in the third, hitting three big three’s in a row and finishing the game with 24-points and seven rebounds, shooting a whopping 88% from behind the arc.

With Geelong holding onto a six-point lead heading into the last quarter of play, the Swinburne Kilsyth Cobras were going to have to dig deep for the win, and dig deep they did. The Swinburne Cobras just kept nailing the big shots with imports Garfield Blair (26 points) and Zach Malvik (25 points, 8 assists) making the big plays in crunch time. None of these were bigger than Blair’s strong layup in traffic to give the Swinburne Cobras the one-point victory over the Supercats 100 – 99 and keeping their finals hopes alive!

The Swinburne Kilsyth Cobras head up to Canberra on Saturday August 4th to take on the Canberra Gunners with tip off at 7.30pm.