I first started at Kilsyth when i was bottom age under 14, at the time my entire family was living in Shepparton, My older sister Aneka was playing with the under 16 team. My amazing parents Barry and Yvonne made a commitment to give us the opportunity to play basketball in Melbourne and for Kilsyth. We travelled from Shepparton to where ever we played in Melbourne on a Friday night, after the game we would make the trip back to Shepparton. This all happened again on a Sunday morning to make sure i was there for training (even the 8 am training sessions). I played Cobras right through to top age under 18s, and was lucky to be able to take a few titles with me.

As much as i played the majority of my junior years at Kilsyth, i was also playing with the Shepparton Lady Gators, Playing with Shepparton from under 12 right through to the league we call D league today. This gave me the opportunity to represent Country Victoria in the Under 18 Nationals.

After finishing high school i moved to Melbourne to continue my basketball with Kilsyth. Since then i have been involved in the Kilsyth Lady Cobras. I have had some quality coaches over my time by the likes of Gary Fox, Ed Dunstan, Jason Knight and now Cheryl Chambers, all of them have given me amazing opportunities to improve as a player, with their guidance i have had two SEABL championships and was selected as part of the New Zealand national team (the tall ferns) being involved with the team for both the Athens and Beijing Olympics which is one of the greatest achievements a basketball player could hope for.

All of this cannot happen without the people around you and who is closer than your team mates?? I have had great players and people around me who are not just team mates but more like family.

I need to thank so many people for their continued support in helping me reach this milestone of 200 games.

The fact there is so many it is impossible to list you all… You all know who you are and you all know i love you!!

To my Family Mum, Dad, Aneka, Tania, Richard and Corey… Love you lots


What does it mean to me to play 250 games…??

It’s not so much the number of games that I’ve played but just being able to play at the highest level, for a club that has been so dominating for so long.

Kilsyth was a powerhouse from the day my family stepped into the stadium and that was reflected from the people who lead it, the coaches who coached and the players that played. It has been a big part of my life and I trust the club and SEABL succeed in to the future on the merits and interests of the players, all their members and their history, with the professionalism and integrity shown by the people before them. To play all my games at Kilsyth, the club I call home and have a genuine interest for; has been a privilege and I continue to wear the uniform with absolute pride.

When I realised that I would be sharing this night with Gemma, at first I was a little disappointed that she wasn’t able to have her own night, but I couldn’t have shared it with someone more amazing, a true friend!! We first started playing together at U14’s and I have had the privilege of playing over a thousand games together and sharing this game makes it oh so more meaningful.

It is an absolute honour to have been able to play in this league which is now eventually called SEABL, a league that my father had the passion & drive to make the best league in. To see it continue to grow, including who we played last week & Albury who we’re playing Friday, gives me goose bumps thinking about what his passion has done and how it has been rippled throughout the league,  Yes I am a proud daughter, who hopes she is doing proud for her family!!

Since starting in U12’s as a 7 year old, with my dad as my coach, this has been the way of life – not only for me but my entire family. Having them there will be very special, obviously no having Dad around in person to share it is tough and with Friday being three year exactly that he passed away will make it even more difficult. But we have stood by each other and i will enjoy playing tonight as much as i have for the past 21 years in Cobra colours!!!

There have been so many highlights throughout my career; many off the court as well!! Road trips and tournaments, lightning shows and plane trips, news reports and change room banter!! Many memories have also been made on the court, to name just a few – finishing 4th at U14 Club Championships, U16 & U18 Victorian State Champions, representing Victoria Metro at 4 National Championships winning 2 gold, 1 silver & 1 bronze; winning Gold at the Sydney Youth Olympics in 2001 as well as winning SEABL & National titles in 2002 and a very special SEABL title in 2008 which I will cherish!!

Finally, I believe everything happens for a reason, this game, also being Fuzzy’s 200th, 3 years to the day Dad passed away as well as playing Albury, the team we played 3 years ago can’t all just be a coincidence, can it??

Mostly i want to thank my family who have stood by my side through wins and losses, tantrums and triumphs through tears and success!! To the lifelong friends I’ve made and to all the coaches and players who have influenced my career and my life, I thank you!