Head to SEABL’s Facebook page to vote for Swinburne Kilsyth Cobras very own Hayley Moffatt and Zach Malvik in this weeks SEABL People’s Choice Awards!

Round 18 men’s nominations are:

Round 18 women’s nominations are:

SEABL People’s Choice Awards – Guidelines

A seeded tournament will then take place over the finals campaign. In week one of the finals, the top ranked player will be pitted against the 16th ranked player in a poll on Facebook, with the winner advancing to the second week of the finals. The second seeded player will be up against the 15th ranked player, and so on.

The winner of this weeks’ poll will progress to the finals and be removed from the pool of players who may be selected for the weekly polls. The players who do not win in their weekly poll return to the general pool and may be selected by the league to go in the weekly poll again.

At the end of the regular season, the 16 players who have won the weekly polls will be seeded based upon on statistical imperatives derived from performances across the season.