And then there were two- the best two.


After 5 and a half months of scintillating basketball that has seen teams come and go, stars of tomorrow emerge and nothing but raw, pure and unadulterated basketball rule, the Eagles and Cobras are left standing on the final day. When its all said and done, the best two TEAMS are left. Coach Popp said it best when he was quoted ‘You don’t get to this point of the season by having one or two players’. These teams are as deep as it gets which makes it such a tough one to call.

Kilsyth have been lurking all year as a contender. Although they finished third in their conference, they have saved their best basketball for finals. It started when they knocked off Knox on the road in a heart felt, blood, sweat and tears win against their biggest rival of all. They then proceeded to pick apart the standout regular season team in Waverley and slow down their uncompromising stars to reach the grand stage.

They’ll play a Diamond Valley side that has gone through a huge growth period not just in the off-season, but in-season. After losing (through promotion) arguably three of their most important players last season, new stars have emerged. Matt Jackson is an out and out star as is Nick Dean. They’ll contend with Kilsyth’s Kyle Adnam, Jackson Brazier and Corey Jeffs. But don’t believe for a second that another name from either of these teams won’t pop up on the biggest stage.

So who’s going to be the first ever Molten Victorian Youth Championship champion? Its line ball and there is no way that is will be a double digit win for either side. Do yourself a favor and get to Diamond Valley on Saturday night where we’ll find out who the true state champion is.