Hey all,

It’s been a difficult process settling into college here in America for me as I am strongly missing my family and friends. In the class room I am doing well, I’m taking a variety of different classes in my first semester as my major is undecided. So I thought I would get into a little bit of everything to see what interests me. For example, this semester I’m doing English, History, Astronomy, Math, and a PE class.

The preparation teams undergo here in America is very different to how we do it back in Australia. At Benedictine, for example, we would do Fitness/strengthening work six days a week followed up by five on five scrimmaging. It was very tiring at first but it got the team in much better shape than when we first got to school. So far the season is not going as planned for the team. We are 3-3 going into our first game of conference play tomorrow, but we were expecting much better results. At the moment we are struggling as a team with our handling of the ball which is causing us to have far too many turnovers. We play Baker University tomorrow (December 2) at home which will be our first home game in a month which is good.

At the moment I have a feeling that the team and myself is making strides forward and I’m looking forward to seeing what happens throughout the rest of the season.    

Talk soon. 

Stephen O’Brien