All Junior Cobras teams will spend 20 minutes before or after their training session cleaning up the Reserve.

Australians generate almost 32 million tonnes of rubbish each year, making us the second highest producers of waste per person in the world.

In Kilsyth, Clean Up Australia Chairman Ian Kiernan AO urged local residents to look carefully at the types of rubbish they are sending to their local landfill, and consider if they could recycle or reuse it instead.

“Australians are pretty good at recycling but half the rubbish we produce is still heading to landfill, which we are fast running out of space for, or it is being dumped into our natural environment,” said Mr Kiernan.

“Paper, cardboard, metal and most types of plastic can be recycled, while particularly disused building materials can also be reused. Waste can be easily turned into a valuable resource.”

Kilsyth Cobras is supporting Clean Up Australia Day and urges everyone in Shire of Yarra Ranges to take up the challenge on Sunday 1 March and get involved.

Registrations are now open and people can get involved or find out more by visiting or calling 1800 CUA DAY (1800 282 329).

“Clean Up Australia Day is the perfect opportunity for everyone to come together and help clean up our local parks and waterways and think about how we can reduce our impact on the environment,” said Rod Popp, Director of Coaching.

“It’s not too late to get involved, simply register online or turn up at Pink Reserve, Kilsyth on the day and register as a volunteer.

Mr Kiernan said, “Clean Up Australia Day is a great excuse to get a group of mates together and help clean up our environment. After all, if you don’t Clean Up Australia, who will?”

Kilsyth Cobras has organised a local Clean Up Australia site at Pinks Reserve, Liverpool Road, Kilsyth between 9.00am – 2.00pm. You can register your own site or simply turn up at the Kilsyth Sports Centre on the day with gloves, a hat, sturdy shows, sunglasses and sunscreen and register as a volunteer.

To register a Clean Up site simply visit or call 1800 CUA DAY (1800 282 329).