Introducing our new Cobra Class home workouts! Stay sharp during the home lockdown with our new workout series designed to help you improve all areas of your game. New Class and Challenge videos will be released weekly so stay tuned!

Our Cobra Class videos take you through a series of ball handling, shot breakdown, shooting and finishing off the dribble, defence and agility drills to help you stay on top of your game from home. Led by Cobras Manager of Basketball Operations and former NBL/Australian coach Mark Watkins, our Cobra Class workouts are used by our Junior Cobra teams and are suitable for players of all ages.

Complete our Cobra Class workouts then test your skills with our Cobra Challenges! The Cobra Challenge videos tie into our Cobra Class workouts, with Cobras star guard Isaac Turner taking you through a series of scored and timed drills for you to complete. Upload your challenge videos to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter with the hashtag #CobraChallenge! and show us how you stack up to Isaac!

Workout From YOUR OWN Home

Complete our workouts without needing to leave the house. All you need is a ball, hoop and space to move! Some drills work best within a half court; others require just the length of the key!

expand YOUR GAME

We've got you covered with a wide variety of workouts focusing on ball handling, shooting, finishing, defence and agility drills to help you improve all aspects of your game.


Take the Cobra Challenge and see if you can keep up with Cobras star Isaac Turner. Upload your attempt with the #CobraChallenge hashtag and show us what you've got!




Single ball stationary dribbling and dribble combos

For our first workout we take you through our 10 minute Express Handle Workout, to keep your ball handling sharp.