We recieved a number of great tournament wrap-ups from the Australia Day long weekend Eltham-Dandenong Tournament. A special congratulations to the following who won their grand-finals, were runners up or players that were awarded MVP.

14.2 Girls – Runners Up

14.2 Girls – Keely Madigan MVP

14.4 Girls – Premiers

14.4 Girls – Brittany Cubitt MVP

12.5 Boys – Premiers

14.5 Boys – Premiers

14.5 Boys – Daniel Mazurkiewciz

16.2 Boys – Premiers

16.2 Boys – Jimmy Smith MVP

A great effort to all involved.

Please see below for the tournament wrap-ups that we recieved!

14.4 Girls
Overall, this tournament was very successful for our team. We started on Thursday playing against Warrandyte 3 and won this game followed by another win on Friday night against Blackburn.

On Saturday we played two games, first we played Collingwood and unfortunately lost this game by a small margin but then the girls came back to win in the afternoon against Eltham 3. This meant finals for the girls on Sunday. In the Semi Final we played Eltham 3 again and won this game again quite easily. By this stage the girls were exhausted and felt so hot from the hot weather all weekend. But we found our energy to play in the Grand Final against Blackburn and won this by 17 points!

The girls were very excited as they deserved to be. They had put in so much work and have already improved so much. I am so proud of them all! Also for the Grand Final game, Brittany Cubitt was awarded the MVP award which was well deserved. Keep up the good work girls, and I look forward to the season ahead of us.

16.3 Girls
The under 16/3 had good tournament starting on the Thursday night, showing poise and patience with the basketball. They played Diamond Valley who had beaten the girls easily during grading. Winning this game gave the team confidence to continue to play this way right throughout the tournament and making it into the semi-final.

Whilst we lost the semi-final to Nunawading who we had beaten in our second game the girls continued to show improvement, with shot selections, reducing turnovers and on ball defence.
Well done girls & coaches

U/18-1 Girls
We had four games over the tournaments, one Thursday night and 3 on Saturday.  All the teams we played will be in VC so it was a good test to see where the team’s level is at and how/what we need to work on.  The first game the girls were very scratchy and lost by 5 points, after a day off on Friday night we came out in the second game a lot harder and more physical.  After the lead changing several times we went down by 2 points; however we played with a lot more spirit. 

The third game things really turned around with the girls playing hard defence and controlling the tempo at the offensive end of the floor. The last game of the tournament and the third one for the day, the girls put up little resistance against a much stronger Bulleen.  It was a good learning tool for the team as it showed them a standard to which we must obtain to compete with the best teams in our league.

I am very proud to say it was a team effort all weekend and we did not rely on just one player every game.  We had different girls stand up in different games to lead the team; this is a great sign for things to come and to build for the future.

Boys had 4 tournament games to play and won all of them by 10 or more points. After the long break, they came out firing Friday night winning by 20+ points against koonung, but with the heat on Sat. really had to work harder for their wins, especially against Eltham 1 & Poowong.

Finishing on top, they went straight into B1 grand final which was played Sunday evening against Eltham 2. Having the day off seemed to refresh them because they played with great determination from the very start, each of them taking on whatever instruction they were given and showing their coach some terrific skills both offensively and defensively. Although the score got close a couple of times, they won 28-18 in the end and truly deserved their trophies.
Again, my thanks to Glenn G., Anne, Glenn B. (videoing), and the parents who helped make sure the boys got there in time and good nick!!

Now, back to U12 competition and hopefully a continuation of the boys’ development in their basketball.

14-2 Boys
In hot weather conditions we traversed from stadium to stadium over this Australia Day weekend. Our first game on Friday night saw us go down by 1pt to Broadmeadows …so close and yet so far!

We knew we had to lift our game on Saturday; we had 3 matches ahead of us.
The first at home against Ringwood was another loss this time by 8pts. The heat must have got the better of us as we also went down in the following 2 games against Collingwood by 4pts and Diamond Valley by 1pt yet again!
The Powerade went down a treat and on the Sunday we managed to pull off a win against Bulleen 33-17.

All in all winning 1 out of 5 games landed us in 5th spot on the ladder…not enough to play finals but proved that we can find our mojo when we need to …we just have to hang on to it !

14.5 Boys
The Eltham Dandenong tournament was an enormous success for the cobra 14-5s; we started a little bit rusty in our first game, and then were a bit rushed in our second. To the boys credit they composed themselves in the remainder of the matches and were in control of the games, from the first minute. Their preparation and dedication to the team is something they should all be very proud of.

There was never one standout player, just a team of hard working players, including great support from friends, family and all the coaching staff. We went through the tournament undefeated against higher ranked, good quality teams. All the teams hard work was exemplified in Daniel Mazurkiewicz winning the MVP in the grand final, something we are all very proud of. We played Tough, Smart, and together, and the team deserves an enormous pat on the back. VERY WELL DONE CHAMPIONS

16/2 Boys
The Under 16/2 Boys had a good weekend. It was terrific to be able to put into practise what we have been working on during training sessions. The longer the weekend went the stronger our team defence became. We had a good first up win against Oakleigh. Followed by a more impressive win against Ringwood. We then hit a bit of a snag in the next game, our bodies turned up for the game early Saturday morning but we left our ‘A’ game home in bed. We lost by six points, not bad considering we played so poorly. Next game was a bruising affair in the heat of the day. We survived with a narrow 2 point win over Eltham 3. Our last pool game was a very good free flowing match in the cooler evening against Camberwell. We got our mojo back just in time for the finals and went on to score a good win against Camberwell.

Our Semi-Final was against Hawthorne 2. We controlled the game but never looked like winners until the final buzzer. We were able to get stops but we never capitalised on our chances and Hawthorn 2 kept hanging around. Good Win!

Our Grand Final was against Werribee 1 and they were one up on us this season. The match went basket for basket until late in the second half, when their big centre ran out of puff. We rotated three players on him and wore him down. The whole team played their important roles to get a really good win. Jimmy Smith named Grand Final MVP, great job.

Thanks to the Mark, Bronwyn, all parents, family and friends for their support of the team during the weekend.

Kilsyth 2 27 19 Oakleigh
Kilsyth 2 46 24 Ringwood
Kilsyth 2 18 24 Hawthorne 2
Kilsyth 2 24 22 Eltham 3
Kilsyth 2 40 33 Camberwell
Kilsyth 2 23 20 Hawthorne 2
Kilsyth 2 28 22 Werribee

16.3 Boy’s
The 16.3 boy’s went into the tournament with only (9) players as our “energizer bunny”, Benjamin BINGLY was away sunning himself in WA.   Regardless, the (9) players who represented the team performed admirably resulting in two wins, two losses and a draw, narrowly missing the finals.   I believe we got a lot out of playing strong opposition which will assist us in grading phase two.    Our aim was to work on parts of our game which we needed to improve on and at times we looked good.   

Our first game was against Blackburn 2 and despite controlling the game we found it difficult to score, resulting in a draw. Our second game was against Warrandyte 2 and at times took it right up to them.   However, a few turnovers under pressure resulted in a 13 point loss. Our third game was against Ringwood 2 and probably our best team performance of the season resulting in a comfortable 12 point win. Our fourth game was hard fought win against Hawthorn 3.  

The final game resulted in a loss to Eltham 4.   Despite missing the finals I felt that they boys bonded as a team and the opportunity for the players and parents to mix socially will hold us in good stead for the remainder of the season.    I would like to thank the boy’s for their effort and would like to acknowledge their attributes;

Mitch – Our point guard who was consistent all tournament and set up a lot of our play;
Thommo – Point guard and two man who had patches of dominance and showed why he is a valuable member of the team.
Dylan – Shot the house down, especially against a zone implemented by Hawthorn 3;
Little Jamie – Very good tournament and the opposition couldn’t stop;
Tom – A very consistent team player who rarely gets scored against;
Matt – Battled hard against bigger opponents;
Lloyd – Improving each game and has become a scoring threat;
Josh – Re-bound King, both defensively and offensively;
Big Jamie – With his height and strength is a valuable member of the team and improving all the time.

Finally I would like to thank my team-manager, Tania for organising everyone and the BBQ, Michael DWYER for his support and assistance, Chet for his BBQ skills and all the parents for being a taxi for the weekend.

If there are any more match reports make sure you get them in!!

We now look forward to your upcoming grading games and our very own Yarra Ranges Classic Tournament over the Labour Day Long Weekend.