With over five decades of outstanding contributors to the game of basketball, Australia’s largest basketball association will now have a place to display its celebrated history. Kilsyth Basketball is set to unveil a Hall of Fame at the Kilsyth Sports Centre, which is scheduled to open early next year. The Hall of Fame will house inductees and will also feature a collection of memorabilia spanning several decades.

Spearheading the project is Chairman Mike Bainbridge, who believes that following the association’s 50-year anniversary in 2013, the timing was right to start planning a Hall of Fame to proudly display 50 year’s worth of achievements.

“We want to build the Hall of Fame in such a way that we not only celebrate people who have made significant contributions in helping Kilsyth become the largest and no doubt the best basketball association in Australia, but also display something special and an honour to be a part of the future,” Bainbridge said.

Hall of Fame inductees must meet several criteria, and although highly exclusive, Bainbridge wants it open to more than just players.

“I am eager for the Hall of Fame to become recognized as something attained by anybody within the Kilsyth Basketball community whether they are a player, coach, referee, administrator or volunteer,” Bainbridge said.

“Inductees must display the following traits: professionalism, respect of Kilsyth’s history, leadership in the community, and they must be prepared to honour our history and preserve the quality that Kilsyth has demanded and will continue to demand.”

The Hall of Fame aims to be a centre point of the Kilsyth Sports Centre, bridging both past and present while being presented at the same level that its inductees have represented Kilsyth Basketball over the years. “I want to not just acknowledge (inductees) in the short term, but rather construct something that they and our many visitors to Kilsyth will view with pride,” Bainbridge said when asked about the intended quality of the Hall of Fame.

“I would like to think that to be inducted into the Hall of Fame becomes the highest possible honour anybody can achieve in the Kilsyth basketball community.“    

More information about the inaugural Hall of Fame induction ceremony and opening date will be available in the coming weeks.