Kilsyth VS Frankston Youth League Women

Box Score

Kilsyth started out well, shooting 43% from the field, while their defence kept Frankston to just 27% on 3-11 shooting. Kilsyth finished the quarter with a slight lead 18-11.

In the second term it was time for Frankston to hit back shooting 37% and keeping Kilsyth to just 31%. Frankston ended the half well, winning the 2nd quarter by 2 points and bringing the margin down to just 5 points at the half 34-29.

Kilsyth came out in the 3rd quarter firing, hitting 9 out of their 14 shots at 64%. This quarter turned out to be good for Kilsyth who turned the lead form 5 to 10 points going into the last quarter.

Both teams came out desperate to get the win but Kilsyth kept their hot shooting streak going in the final quarter and came out the winners, 80-67.

Brittany White was the leading scorer for the Cobras with 18 and Laura Gebbing close behind her with 15 and a great all round game from Courtney Healy who had 10 points and 10 rebounds helped the Cobras get over the line in the end.

Kilsyth V Frankston Youth League Men 1

Box Score

Kilsyth started out strong in the first quarter, shooting at an outstanding rate of 65% from the field making 13 out of their 20 field goals and also knocking down their 3 points attempts making 5 of 9. Frankston couldn’t stop the Cobras from scoring in the first period leaving the as Kilsyth pushed ahead at the end of the first 35-22.

The 2nd quarter was a closer one but still the Cobras came out on top to extend their lead at half time from 13 to 17 and not giving Frankston much of a chance to get back into the game.

The Cobras came out firing in the 3rd quarter on both offense and defence. They outscored Frankston in the 3rd quarter 30-15 leaving an almost impossible target for Frankston to come back. Kilsyth led 89-57 at the end of the 3rd.

Frankston tried to gain some respect back in the final quarter but still could not cut into the Cobras lead. Joel Naburgs lead the way for Kilsyth with 26 points and David Moore with 17, Scott Dixon had a great all-round game with 15 points 8 rebounds and 5 assists. In the end the Cobras where too good for Frankston finishing the game with a big win, 110-77.

By Guest Reporter Nick Spicer