After having one year of experiencing college basketball, I’ve got some sort of idea what to expect for this coming year. Our preseason ran for about two months, which involved plenty of running and jumping exercises, but we have begun on-court team practice in the past few weeks. We weren’t allowed to do on-court team practice before this date due to NCAA rules. Our enthusiasm is running high at the moment, as we are all determined to do much better this year; all of us were disappointed with the results of last season, and don’t want to go through the same thing this year.

Our first game is on November 4 against Florida Tech, although this is just an exhibition game, and doesn’t count towards our win-loss record. Our first official game is at Wake Forest, who are pretty well known for their basketball program, which will be an interesting way to start the season. Other strong opponents that we will face in our non-conference games are Miami, UCF and Florida State, who were ranked in the nation’s top 25 last year. Along with several other non-conference opponents, we will also be playing our regular conference games, starting with Jacksonville on December 2.

I’m keen to start playing again this year. I’ve been happy with how I’ve been training, and my offense and defence have both improved since last year. Having had a chance to rest a bit over the school break has given me a big boost, both physically and mentally, and now I’m ready to get out and play again this year.

Will stay in touch with you all.