Starting out on the roads

Okay, so you’ve gotten your learner’s permit – now what? You could jump into your parent’s car with one of them in the passenger seat, and see what happens. A smarter option, of course, is to book some lessons with a qualified instructor from the Eastern Suburbs Driving School. Taking your first ‘steps’ on the road should be done with a professional, providing you with a firm basis for your future driving endeavours. 120 hours seems like a lot of time, but when you’ve racked them up, you want to be able to answer ‘yes’ to that vital question – were they 120 good hours?

Starting out slow is best, to get used to the controls and the rudimentary aspects of driving. Acquaint yourself well with the controls of your car – believe it or not, the drive test assessor will ask you to name all of them before you go for your license!

Driving on local suburban roads is a good idea at first. Go slowly, and observe the speed limits (in the drive test, exceeding the limit in a 40 zone is an instant fail!). Get used to the pedals, ensuring that, if you drive an automatic, that you only use one foot.

Once you’ve mastered going down to the local shop, you can try for some more intensive driving. Main roads are usually rated at 70 or 80 km/h, so you will need to learn some techniques for moving at high speeds as well as courtesy for other drivers.

The best approach to take is to learn from the pros – book a lesson with Eastern Suburbs Driving School today, take advantage of the great special (make sure you mention Kilsyth Basketball) and build a solid, safe foundation for your driving future.

Eastern Suburbs Driving School are proud partners of Kilsyth Basketball and the Kilsyth Referees Program – If you’re looking to learn how to drive give them a call.

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