Our RMA Junior Cobras continue their VJBL Finals push on Friday night, with six teams in action, including three playing-off for Gold Medals. 


The Under 12-2, 16-2 and 18-2 Girls will each battle it out for Gold in their respective divisions at Dandenong Stadium, while our Under 12-1 Girls and Under 14-1 Boys and Girls are looking to advance to Victorian Championship (VC) Reserve grand finals with a trio of games set to be played at the State Basketball Centre (SBC).


With three teams apiece in action at both Dandenong and the SBC, we encourage you to make the trip and support our Junior Cobras!


See below for Friday’s Finals lineup:


Dandenong Basketball Stadium

Under 12-2 Girls vs Pakenham (VJL1 Grand Final): 7:20pm DN9

Under 16-2 Girls vs Pakenham (VJL4 Grand Final): 8:10pm DN6

Under 18-2 Girls vs Knox 2 (VJL3 Grand Final): 9:00pm DN1


State Basketball Centre

Under 12-1 Girls vs Diamond Valley (VC Reserve Prelim Final): 7:00pm SBC5

Under 14-1 Girls vs Eltham (VC Reserve Prelim Final): 7:00pm SBC4

Under 14-1 Boys vs Frankston (VC Reserve Prelim Final): 8:20pm SBC2