McMenamin has averaged 6.3 points, 3.8 rebounds and 3.2 assist throughout her 244-game career and was a member of the 2002 and 2008 Championship teams.

Along with the games record, McMenamin is 5th in total points, 1st in assists, 4th in rebounds and 2nd in steals all-time for Kilsyth.

McMenamin made the jump to the Senior team in 2000 while still a successful junior with the Club.  She represented Victoria Metro on numerous occasions and was on a number of Junior State Championship winning sides for Kilsyth.

When asked about what it means to become games record holder for Kilsyth, Erica spoke off her teammates and the Club’s success, "It definitely means something to become the games record holder but you don’t play to get records."

"I am proud to achieve this record, but playing for the Club has been more about the people involved and playing in a high quality competition," she stated.

Erica noted her career highlights as being the 2008 SEABL Championship and 2002 National Titles.

With the Swinburne Lady Cobras very much in contention to return to the Championship game in 2010, McMenamin has high expectations for this year’s team.

"Our goal is to return to the Championship game, if we play together and play hard we have the ability go deep into the finals," she said.

McMenamin will play her record breaking game this coming Saturday 24 July 2010 against Dandenong at 6.15pm.