Construction of a new court and change room refurbishment at the Kilsyth Sports Centre is set to begin on Monday May 8.


The building works adds a seventh basketball court to our facilities at Kilsyth, while all new bathrooms and change rooms will replace the existing amenities under  Court 1.

Temporary fencing has been placed at the rear carpark (see below), but the front entrance car park will remain fully operational throughout the build. The Court 1 bathrooms and change rooms will be unavailable as of Monday May 8, as will the Hall of Fame walkway and entrance to Court 1. Access to Court 1 will be via the Court 2 ramp next to the Court 5/6 entrance. Patrons are asked to use the foyer bathroom facilities during the Court 1 refurbishment.


The bathroom refurbishment is set to be completed late this year, with K7 to be unveiled in 2024. While we understand there will be some temporary inconvenience, the new court and amenities are a significant addition to the home of Kilsyth Basketball, and will greatly improve our customer experience upon completion.