The past six weeks have been incredibly challenging for everyone in our community, and this is especially prevalent for Kilsyth Basketball as a community sporting organisation.


Over the past six weeks we have put in place various initiatives to protect the long-term sustainability of  our association. These initiatives have included:


Like everyone, we are interpreting the information communicated from government and making contingency plans to enable the return of our basketball competitions as quickly and safely as possible. While Kilsyth Basketball is diverse and broad in our operations, our number one priority of our ‘Return to Play’ plan is focus on our domestic programs and our junior representative players competing in the VJBL.


We have been liaising closely with Basketball Victoria, our governing body, to ensure we have access to government and health information which will be implemented into our Return to Play plan. While return  dates cannot be confirmed, the framework for our Return to Play plan is as follows:



While it is not possible to confirm exact dates at which the plan will be enacted, we will keep you up to date as more information comes to light and will provide another update during the week of May 11 in line with government communications.