The South East Australian Basketball League has begun the process of incorporating with Basketball Australia, a move that will see all major basketball competitions in Australia come under the one umbrella organisation of BA.

The proposal to transition the league to within Basketball Australia was approved unanimously by members at the SEABL Annual League Meeting held on December 7th, and marks the culmination of three years of proposals, negotiations and discussion between SEABL members, board and administration, as well as Basketball Australia and various stakeholders.

The key points of the proposal in its current format include:

It is envisaged that the transition will have numerous benefits. Most importantly, the pathway for the development of players and the sport will be improved. The league will continue to give Associations the opportunity to aspire and compete in the highest possible competition, with foreseeable expansion under stringent financial and practical guidelines.

A unified sport also provides the platform on which to build a clear marketing and development strategy. Cross-pollination of staff expertise and governance could also potentially provide benefits. Rules regarding timing, player eligibility and accreditation could become uniform across SEABL and all state leagues. Significantly, under the guidance of BA, a better working relationship with the NBL and WNBL will be developed.

The SEABL administration has already begun relocation of its office, and some interruption of services is to be expected during this time. However, the league administration is expecting to be fully operational at its new home well in advance of the start of the 2012 SEABL season.