We wil be using the funds to pay for in-house coaching clinics and to subsidise the cost of NCAS coaching accreditations that our coaches wish to sit. We strongly encourage all Saints coaches to take advantage of this opportunity to upskill yourself and obtain either level 0, level 1, or level 2 accreditation(s).

Saints President Marc Forde has said; “I am extremely pleased with the awarding of this latest grant to the Saint Edmunds Basketball Club as it allows the club the opportunity to financially support its’ volunteer coaches in their efforts to up-skill their coaching abilities, which will ultimately benefit the children that are being coached. Volunteer coaches are difficult to find, and through grants such as these, the club is in a better position to be able to provide the levels of support that these coaches require. I strongly encourage all of the domestic clubs to keep their eyes and ears open for any upcoming grant opportunities, they are a great way to help us, the clubs, provide benefits to our players, coaches, and the basketball community in general.”