Report from Ann McCann:

The boys participated in the Whittlesea Tournament (10th-12th April) in U12 Boys Sec 2. All games except the first were very close and the boys ended up on top of their pool with a 3-1 record, making it to the Grand Final against the winner of Pool 1. It was a very close game all the way with the boys putting in 100% effort, but they lost it in final minutes to go down 27-32.

Good effort boys – both coaches are very happy with how far you have come as a team and individuals. Lots still to work on, ball control being a big one to cut down on our turnovers, but hopefully your team work and skills will continue to develop as we progress through the season.

Thank you to Richard for his assistance with the boys, Nicole and Pierre for their organization which was excellent, and the support of the parents.